Sharing the News

Telling friends and family

Having to tell other people that someone has died is a very difficult task and even professionals who regularly have to break such news never find this easy. What you say will vary depending both on your relationship to the person you are informing and on their relationship to the person who has died.

Sometimes it’s difficult to meet or telephone close friends and family to let them know the news. They may not live locally, you don’t have the time to call everyone, or you simply find it too difficult to talk about. All of this is completely natural.

On top of dealing with you own grief you will also to help friends and family through their grief. Most people say that receiving an email just feels too impersonal.

Tributes.To allows you to invite friends and family to visit the online memorial. They are quickly informed of the news and can easily respond in their own time. They have time to reflect; maybe by watching the memorial video, by flicking through the photos, or even by reading other comments. They can easily leave their condolences. And you have time and space to read their comments and feel their support.

These condolences become part of the everlasting tribute. You can come back and reflect on the condolences at any time.

Additional Benefits