Phyllis Joan Tomes

1921 - 1999

Mrs Phyllis Joan Tomes. Nee Seymour. Born 6th June 1921. Bournemouth.

Married Harry George Barham Tomes on 30th October 1946. Methodist Church. Portman Road. Boscombe. They met at the local ballrooms, Harry played drums in his dance band Harry Tomes and the Blue Ramblers. Phyllis was a part time dance teacher. They courted during the war and were married on his return. Phyllis was in the ATS as Sargent Seymour along with her sister Dophie.

She was a loving and kind mother and would always make sure her children were always dressed smart. She loved animals especially cats and always enjoyed watching the birds in the garden. She worked hard all her life and dedicated it to the family business Harry Tomes Ltd and actively participated in the business until her illness.

She passed away peacefully during the evening of 26th June 1999 at The Macmillan Unit Christchurch Hospital.

Phyllis Joan Tomes

1921 - 1999

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Paul Tomes
on 24 Apr 2012

To the best mum in the world.miss you and our days out .holidays in scotland .never forgotten .love Andy & Pat +++++

Andrew Tomes
on 20 Mar 2012

I will always remember our family days out and holidays with a smile on my face. I miss you so much Nan. You are always in our thoughts x

Matt Tomes
on 15 Dec 2011

Mum you were so lovely to us, always ready to listen, & I still miss you
Love Carole x

Carole Tomes
on 14 Dec 2011

Thinking of you and the times you enjoyed sitting in our garden watching the birds. The pub lunches and the trips to Stewarts Gardenlands. Thanks for always being there. x

Adrian Tomes
on 14 Dec 2011

Thinking of you Nan while exploring and reflecting more on the Tomes legacy and the amazing part you played in growing Harry Tomes Ltd... Thanks for all the wonderful memories

Paul Tomes
on 1 Dec 2011

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Phyllis Joan Tomes

1921 - 1999

Memories (16 Pictures)

Phyllis holding her first Grandson, PaulPhyllis with her daughter, Wendy, and daughter-in-law, PatDown the beach hut, BournemouthPhyllis TomesPhyllis with her daughter-in-law, Carolewith the family in the 1980s
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Phyllis Joan Tomes

1921 - 1999

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Phyllis Joan Tomes

1921 - 1999

What an amazing Nan  Simon Tomes - on 17 Dec 2011

Other times would be when Nan babysat…

I have real fond memories of Nan. What a lovely person she was. I was always excited when she came over for 'tea' at Durrington Castle on a Sunday afternoon. Mum used to wheel out the trolley with the 'posh' tea service and fairy cakes. Nan used to sit patiently as Marc, Paul and I would either be running around the house or glued to an episode of Catchphrase. I seem to remember Nan would do a lot of knitting.

Other times would be when Nan babysat. As Paul has alluded to already, we used to get tucked in so tight it was very comforting and this story always makes me smile when I think back to it, even if I did wake up in the morning in the exact same position.

I also remember the visits to Nan's flat above HTL. First up I'd bump into Brian who'd make some joke that I would never understand. Then pass Uncle Andy who'd ask if I'd been put in a grow bag. After that I'd enter some magic code into the office entrance (which i still remember bizarrely). Nan would either be in her office, the cool one with the pond rockery type thing outside, or she'd be in her flat upstairs. So I'd walk down a few corridors, passing the amazing Tomes Mafia photo and go upstairs to see Nan. Even though I had to contend with the unfriendliest cat in the world it was always worth it to see my Nan. She made an awesome tea and would be genuinely interested in what you'd been up to. She just made you feel welcome and cared for. What an amazing person she was.

I will always miss you Nan.

Mum  Adrian Tomes - on 14 Dec 2011

Thanks for being there, always ready to help when needed.
We miss your smile and the Abba music playing in your flat.
You were always so proud of all your grandchildren and would have loved the
enjoyment with your greatgrandchildren.
Remembering you always.
Adrian and Carole. xx

Tucking me in tight at night  Paul - on 1 Dec 2011

Whenever you babysat, you always tucked me into bed so tight.

I will never forget that and now I have kids; when I tuck them in tight I am always reminded of you.

Lovely memories.

"Our Mum"  Wendy, Trevor, Adrian and Andy Tomes - on 25 Jun 2005

She was special, someone who loved and inspired us all, in her own quiet way.

We miss you "Mum" but our memories of you are still with us all.

Your loving family.
12:00am Saturday 25th June 2005

Remembering Phyllis

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Phyllis Joan Tomes

1921 - 1999

June 6th - Born in Bournemouth
October 30th - Married Harry George Barham Tomes at Methodist Church, Portman Road, Bournemouth
November 9th - Adrian David Tomes, their second son, born at home, 31 Tower Road, Bournemouth.
November 30th - ANDREW SPENCER TOMES Born 31 tower road
August 5th - Phyllis' first grandchild is born in Boscombe Hospital: Paul David Tomes
June 26th - passed away peacefully during the evening at The Macmillan Unit Christchurch Hospital.

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Phyllis Joan Tomes

1921 - 1999