Holding on to Memories

Holding on to memories

You may be rummaging around for old photos, scrapbooks, video recordings, or other reminders of when the person was alive. This is a healthy practice because it helps you mourn and remember what the person meant to you. Research shows that it’s a good thing to frequently reminisce about our heritage; a behaviour that seems to be disappearing from modern society.

Unfortunately, family and friends can’t easily access a box of memories and it’s normally forgotten about over time or in worse case, lost. Given the amount of time you spend collecting these memories, you should definitely put them somewhere safe.

The Internet now provides a very affordable, safe and secure home for these memories. As well as the ease of modern digital cameras, you can even scan old photos, or convert tapes into digital files so they can be uploaded. Not only does this mean that memories are stored in a safe place but you can easily invite friends and family to look.

The downside of the Internet is that it can be quite complicated and you need to be very careful where you store your information.

A Tributes.To memorial uses state of the art technology and guaranteed to protect and never lose your memories. Friends and family can share and view memories whenever they want, wherever they are.

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